Issue #24, Winter 1988 - Three Wire Winter Collection

The 24th and final issue of Three Wire Winter includes Pat Dempsey, Angelo Iacovetto, Bill Lee, Patsy Sherar, Cindy Simms, Rick Denney, Noel Hefty, Julie Filler, and Robin Getter, as well as feature articles on Gunslingers and the Steamboat Dance Theater.

Table of Contents
Three Wire Winter: An Award Winner
Pat Dempsey: The Right Place at the Right Time
The Gunslingers
"I made more money off a fast nickel than a slow dime." The Story of Angelo Iacovetto
Bill Lee: Life of a Routt County Coal Miner
Patsy Scherar: "Our main goal isn't to get rich off of any of this, but to be able to stay on the ranch."
Cindy Simms & Rick Denney: "It's the greatest feeling to be able to fly."
Steamboat Dance Theater: "I love it when the lights come on."
Oral Histories from Issue #24, Winter 1988
  • Issue #24, Winter 1988 - Pat Dempsey Interview
    Issue #24, Winter 1988 - Pat Dempsey Interview