Issue #19, Spring 1984 - Three Wire Winter Collection

The 19th issue of Three Wire Winter magazine includes Zella Mae Williams, Vern Grecco, Pete Wither, Richard Soash as well as feature articles on the Fat Chance Antique Shop, arrowhead hunting, the Hayden Speedway and hot air ballooning.

Table of Contents
Zella Mae Williams: "Get your children to love you and then you will get something out of them."
Vern Grecco: "I am happy working in a business I love."
Can skiing really be a job? It's been Pete Wither's for 22 years.
Take a Chance with Fat Chance
Arrowheads: Jim Barnhill
"Checkered Flag" The History of Hayden Speedway
Richard Soash: "I longed to run for political office and be elected."
Joe August: Ballooning - It will give you a rise.
Poem by Kalli Sanders and a Letter from the Editor