Issue #18, Winter 1984 - Three Wire Winter Collection

The 18th issue of Three Wire Winter includes Del Scott, Carol Finnoff, Bob Gilbert, Aldis Klumker, Rob Sherwood, Bud Johnson, and Frank Meek.

Table of Contents
Poem "A Wireless Winter" by Stacey, Libby & Tanna Brock
Del Scott: "I came back to Steamboat and worked as a teller."
Carol Finoff: "That was great, good fun!"
Bob Gilbert: "You want to be satisfied with your own work."
Aldis Klumker: "I've probably had over one-hundred jobs in my life..."
Rob Sherwood: The How's and Why's of Ski Tuning.
Bud Johnsen: "I think the basics of Steamboat haven't changed; there are still awfully nice people."
Frank Meek: Trout are Beautiful and Precious Resources