Issue #17, Fall 1983 - Three Wire Winter Collection

The 17th issue of Three Wire Winter includes Gloria Gossard, Elisabeth Schnackenberg, Roy Stuble, Jim Hicks, Gene and Maxine Flaharty, Richard Soash and feature articles on the Steamboat Ski area and the Pine Grove Restaurant.

Table of Contents
1961 Ski Steamboat
Gloria Gossard: "Steamboat is a town of vitality and youth! I think it's great!"
Elisabeth Schnackenberg: "I always have a song in my heart."
Roy Struble: "I had to keep my mouth shut and do the best I could."
Jim Hicks: "In twenty years, we'll think these days were really great."
Gene and Maxine Flaharty: "Boy they worked ya, they didn't wnat no sitting around!"
Richard Soash: "This is probably the most exciting time that anyone could live in."
The Pine Grove: "The type of restaurant you'd like to find."
Oral Histories from Issue #17, Fall 1983
  • Issue #17, Fall 1983 - Elisabeth Schnackenberg Interview
    Issue #17, Fall 1983 - Elisabeth Schnackenberg Interview