Issue #16, Spring 1982 - Three Wire Winter Collection

The 16th issue of Three Wire Winter includes Marcellus Merrill, Floyd Montgomery, Richard H. Gilbert, Gertrude Campbell, George Tolles, Sven Wiik, and Dude Todd, as well as featured articles on dowsing, and on the history of Brooklyn and law enforcement.

Table of Contents
Marcellus Merrill: "How Steamboat was in those early days."
Floyd Montgomery: "In my book, the trophy hunter is a real sportsman."
"They would serve you beer, whiskey, anything you wanted, even 'not nice' girls."
Law Enforcement History: Reflections from Dude Todd
Sven Wiik: A Sports Pioneer
George Tolles: Dowsing is a God Given Privilege
Richard Gilbert: "I just served my country and held on."
Gertrude Campbell: "Keep it short and sweet."
Poem "Past Generation" by Anna Bowie May