Issue #15, Winter 1982 - Three Wire Winter Collection

The 15th issue of Three Wire Winter includes Chuck & Jan Harrington, Eleanor Bliss, Margaret Rossi, Bill Hall, Si Lockhart, Dr. Earl Smith, Gertrude & Walt Webber, Keith Selbe, and Ardys Brookshire as well as a featured article on Stephens College/Perry Mansfield.

Table of Contents
Stephens College/Perry Mansfield
"The best thing about the good old days is that they are gone!" Margaret Rossi
Orienteering: an interview with Bill Hall
"I have a fondness for the old days, but I wouldn't ever want to go back!" Si Lockhart, Part Two
"I have always been closer to animals than people!" Dr. Earl Smith
Spreading Christmas Joy: Gertrude & Walt Webber
"I'm going to stay for the main event." Keith Selbe
"Well, that line has been disconnected." Telephone History with Ardys Brookshire.
Letter from the Editor
Correspondence and a poem by Margaret Rossi