Issue #14, Spring 1981 - Three Wire Winter Collection

The 14th issue of Three Wire Winter includes Ruth & Heinz Shirr, Wayne & Helen Light, Doc Utterback, Ted Cordova, Shorty Hamidy, J.C. Trujillo, Pete Gorrell and Winston Spangler with a featured article on the McGregor Mine.

Table of Contents
"We lived each particular moment the way it came." Ruth & Heinz Shirr
Wayne and Helen Light Remember
Doc Utterback: Part Two
"All I ever wanted to be was a cowboy!" Ted Cordova
"Don't let him quit that store it's part of his life." Shorty Hamidy
Getting Tough with the Tough: J.C. Trujillo
McGregor, Only Memories Left
"Saddlery used to be a very secretive trade." Pete Gorrell
"I've always had a good horse and it was my way of life." Winston Spangler
Letter from the Editor
Oral Histories from Issue #14, Spring 1981
  • Issue #14, Spring 1981- Doc Utterback Interview
    Issue #14, Spring 1981- Doc Utterback Interview