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A History of Chaffee County Schools: 1860 - 1986

A History of Chaffee County Schools, 1860-1986, was researched and organized by the Chaffee County Extension Homemaker Council. The history includes schools in Lake County, which encompassed what is now Chaffee County, prior to 1880. It includes the school districts of Granite, Centerville, Poncha Springs, Maysville, Adobe Park, Free Gold, Salida, Alpine, Buena Vista, Garfield, Riverside, St. Elmo, Nathrop, Pinion Grove, Vicksburg, Pine Creek, Hancock, Turret, Heywood Springs, Gas Creek, Monarch, Cleora, Newitt, Sand Park, Clear Creek, Mt. Princeton (Maxwell Park), Berrian/Wild Horse, Cleora/Wellsville, Valley View, and Browns Creek.