Issue #08, Fall 1978 - Three Wire Winter Collection

The 8th issue collection of Three Wire Winter includes oral histories from Bob Swineheart, Leo Coyner, Lonny Vanatta, Eleanor Bliss and Guy Bennett.

The magazine features Bob Swinehart, Leo Coyner, Lonny Vanatta, Carl Ramunno, Ray Pedersen, Eleanor Bliss, and Mr. Guy Bennett as well as a feature article on the rodeo.

Table of Contents
Bob Swinehart: "From Horse and Buggy to Men on the Moon"
Leo Coyner: "Anytime's a good time if you use it right"
Lonny Vanatta: From Little Toot to Pro Racer
Coach Ramunno: It has Always Been Tough
Ray Pedersen Brand Inspector
Eleanor Bliss: A great deal has been done, but there's more to do.
Rodeo - The Dangerous Sport
Mr. Guy Bennett - My New Acquaintance
Oral Histories from Issue #08, Fall 1978