Issue #09, Spring 1979 - Three Wire Winter Collection

The 9th issue collection of Three Wire Winter includes oral histories from Ordway Mellen, Calla, Bill and Marianne Appel, Art Adams, Forrest Warren, Russell Crawford, Duane Acord, and Pat Green Sandefur.

The magazine features Ordway Mellen, the Appel family, Art Adams, Forest Warren, Russell Crawford, Duane Acord, Pat Green Sandefur, Leo Snowden and a featured article on working with handicapped children.

Table of Contents
We are all unique individuals..
Ordway Mellen: "I take a pleasure in that."
The Appel Family - then 'til now.
Art Adams: "It was all elbows and grease then"
Forrest Warren: "They'll never know what we had."
Russell Crawford & Duane Acord: "A person really has to like ranching to do it."
Pat Green Sandefur - Steamboat Business Woman
Leo Snowden: "I don't know how many horses I've shod through the years!"
Poem: The Valley Life, Where a Cowboy's King by William B. May
Oral Histories from Issue #09, Spring 1979